Natural area rehabilitation and reconstruction

Toolijooa’s clients include local government, state government, private land holders and developers, catchment management authorities, sub-contracting companies and not-for-profit organisations.

Some examples of our longer-term sites and major natural area rehabilitation and reconstruction projects to date are given below:

Toolijooa is undertaking post-construction rehabilitation works at the Dendrobium Ventilation Shafts 2 and 3 in the Cordeaux Catchment west of Wollongong. The vent shafts have been constructed to provide ventilation for the Dendrobium Mine and post-construction rehabilitation works are required to deliver an ecologically sustainable outcome within the locally affected area over the thirty year operational life of the shafts....more

Toolijooa has undertaken extensive creekline rehabilitation works within the Tongarra Creek Catchment as part of Landcom’s Lakeview Estate development at Shellharbour. Creekline rehabilitation has been undertaken in conjunction with restoration works within a remnant patch of Melaleuca styphelioides – Callistemon salignus – Backhousia myrtifolia Dry Rainforest within the site in order to buffer this community and establish a creekline corridor connecting to adjacent natural areas….more

Narrabeen Dunes Restoration

Toolijooa managed dune revegetation and restoration works within thirteen dune bays along Narrabeen Beach between 2005 and 2008. Pre-European vegetation communities within the project area include Spinifex Spinifex sericeus Grassland and Coastal Wattle Acacia longifolia subsp. sophorae Heath. Where they remain along Narrabeen Beach, these dune systems and vegetation communities have been substantially altered and heavily degraded by coastal development…..more

Seaforth Oval

In addition to more traditional bush regeneration, Toolijooa have also planned and managed a Duffys Forest Ecological Community soil translocation project from donor and recipient areas within the site. These works were undertaken in association with the removal of an area of this community for road construction…..more