Tongarra Creek

Toolijooa has undertaken extensive creekline rehabilitation works within the Tongarra Creek Catchment as part of Landcom’s Lakeview Estate development at Shellharbour. Creekline rehabilitation has been undertaken in conjunction with restoration works within a remnant patch of Melaleuca styphelioides – Callistemon salignus – Backhousia myrtifolia Dry Rainforest within the site in order to buffer this community and establish a creekline corridor connecting to adjacent natural areas.

Creekline rehabilitation works have included:

  • Removal / control of dense Araujia sericifera, Asparagus asparagoides, Lantana camara and Rubus fruticosus infestations within Dry Rainforest remnant,
  • Preparatory weed control, gypsum and compost soil conditioning, soil stabilisation and mulching works over a 2.3 hectare revegetation area,
  • Collection, propagation, installation and maintenance of 88,700 provenance tubestock within the prepared area,
  • Ongoing maintenance of revegetated and remnant areas.

Soil stabilisation works at Tongarra Creek consisted of terracing and jute matting of the creek banks and flood zones prior to revegetation with local creekline species. Upper sections of the creek banks were mulched rather than jute matted.