Toolijooa Nursery

Toolijooa’s founding business, Toolijooa Nursery has been in operation since 1997. Toolijooa Nursery specialises in the collection and propagation of provenance native seed and cuttings throughout the Sydney Basin and beyond.

Toolijooa Nursery establishes plants in low phosphorus fertiliser, low moisture and full sun conditions to ensure the production of tough, hardy plants with high field survival rates. Stock is supplied in tubes, hiko cells and a range of larger containers up to 100L in volume.

West Hoxton nursery


Seed Collection

Toolijooa Nursery’s seed collection team follow Florabank best-practice guidelines. Current research suggests that seed sourcing should concentrate less on ‘local’ collection and more on capturing high quality and genetically diverse seed in order to maximise the adaptive potential of restoration efforts to current and future environmental change. Florabank’s collection guidelines reflect this emerging understanding and advise that, while seed should be collected as locally as possible, the matching of environmental conditions at the planting site with those of the collection location is the most important consideration in establishing the collection range.

Toolijooa Nursery operates within a strong ethical framework, respecting issues of genetic integrity and diversity. Our team of seed collectors are fully licensed under Section 132C of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 to collect within Endangered Ecological Communities throughout Sydney and have extensive experience collecting from specific ecological communities of specific provenance.  

Toolijooa Nursery’s own Code of Practice regarding collection of native species seed states:

  • target species ranges are well defined prior to collections,
  • site environmental conditions including soils, geology, topography, climate and vegetation type are matched as close as possible with collection sites,
  • that seed is collected from the largest, healthiest and most genetically diverse populations available,
  • that we only collect within pre-defined target ranges for each plant species,
  • that we never over-collect from individual sites (<20%),
  • that we collect from as many different individual parents as practicably possible,
  • that we do not collect from plantings unless we are absolutely certain of the provenance of the stock,
  • that we process and store seed immediately to ensure that the viability of  this valuable resource maximised,
  • that landholder permission is acquired prior to seed collection.

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