Toolijooa’s over one-hundred and eighty staff members comprise a team of dedicated ecological restoration professionals who hold a common goal of wanting to contribute to the conservation and restoration of our natural heritage.

Our team members hail from a wide range of backgrounds and contribute a depth and diversity of knowledge and experience in the fields of bushland management, ecology and ecological restoration.
Our team ranges from highly qualified and experienced managers and supervisors to ecological restoration trainees.

Managing Director
Steve Anstey holds a Bachelor of Commerce, a Bachelor of Science majoring in Plant Biology and Environmental Management and a Certificate in Bushland Regeneration (1995) from Macquarie University. Steve has eighteen years horticultural and fourteen years natural area management and bush regeneration experience.

General Manager
Nick Gooden holds a Bachelor of Science (Botany, Environmental & Geographical Science) (1994) from The University of Capetown, a Masters of Environmental Management (2007), from Macquarie University Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (2008) and Certificate III (2003) in Bushland Regeneration.
Nick has five years of natural area management experience in South Africa and ten years bush regeneration experience in Australia. He started as a Trainee Bush Regenerator with the company in 2002 and after almost six years as a Project Manager was appointed as General Manager in late 2009.

Operations Manager
Rob Laird holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Land and Water) at Charles Sturt University,
a Certificate IV in Horticulture (Parks and Gardens), has eight years landscaping and six years bush regeneration experience, including over ten years as a Special Projects Manager for the company. Rob started in the Opeations Manager role in 2018.

Nursery Manager   
Stefanie Carusi holds a Bachelor of Environmental Systems (Agricultural Systems) from the University of Sydney along with a Diploma in Conservation and Land Management. Stefanie has over 10 years’ experience in the NRM sector. Stefanie has 7 years’ experience working in wholesale production nurseries in western Sydney and since 2014 has worked at the Toolijooa nursery producing native species while also co-ordinating the Toolijooa nursery seedbank and licencing requirements. Stef has been Toolijooa’s Nursery Manager since 2018.

Project Managers
Toolijooa's project teams are led and coordinated by dedicated department and region Project Managers
to ensure delivery of quality services and outcomes. Toolijooa’s highly qualified and experienced team of Project Managers are pivotal to the company’s structure and efficient operation. Each Project Manager coordinates and oversees all aspects of operation within each of Toolijooa’s regions / departments including:

  • client liaison and management,
  • human resources management,
  • contract management,
  • occupational health and safety management,
  • tendering.

Our Project Managers provided a single point of contact for our clients and ensure proper allocation of resources to each of our projects, allowing our Site Supervisors to focus upon day-to-day site management.

Eastern Sydney – Project Manager
Tim Davis holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Resources Management) and Certificates
II & IV in Natural Area Restoration. Tim has twelve years experience in horticulture, ten years in bush regeneration and seven years as a Project Management with Toolijooa.

Western Sydney – Project Manager
Dominic Noonan holds a Bachelor or Applied Science (Environmental Management & Tourism) from
UWS Hawkesbury and Certificates III & IV in Natural Area Restoration. Dominic has seven years bush regeneration experience including three years as Project Officer assisting the Project Manager and four years as a Project Manager.

Southern Sydney – Project Manager
Daryl Wells holds Bush Regeneration Certificate II (1997), Natural Area Restoration Certificate III (2003), a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management – Natural Area Restoration and Management (2008) and Training and Assessment Certificate III (2009). Daryl has accumulated fourteen years of bush regeneration experience, including being awarded “Catchment Leader of the Year” in 1998 by the Hawkesbury-Nepean CMC, and joined Toolijooa early in 2009 in his current position.

Sydney – Project Manager
Ryan Mandell holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Biology) from the University of Technology, Sydney. Ryan has five years experience in landscaping and ten years experience in bush regeneration, including seven years as a Project Manager.

Sydney – Project Manager
Maddison Holmesholds a Bachelor of Science (Biology and Environmental Studies) from the University of Sydney and a Certificate III Conservation and Land Management. She has over five years’ experience in the bush regeneration and land management industry having progressed through a number of roles including trained bush regenerator, Site Supervisor, Park Ranger (NZ), and Project Officer. In her current role as Project Manager since 2018 she continues to build expertise in all areas of environmental management.

Hunter, Newcastle and Central Coast Regions – Project Manager
Chris Whackett has completed a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management from RMIT in Melbourne. Chris has over 9 years NRM experience throughout NSW and Victoria. He has taken on a variety of roles in the industry, including 5 years as a bush regenerator, 2 years as a Site Supervisor and 2 years as a Project Officer. Chris has been Project Manager since 2017.

Queensland – Project Manager
Richard Arbon holds a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management. Richard has 3 years of experience in various roles within the Landscape Industry as well as over 7 years in the field of Bush Regeneration including 5 years as a Site Supervisor, 1.5 years as a Project Officer and 2 years as a Project Manager. Rick has been a Project Manager for Queensland since 2018.

Site Supervisors and Field Crews
Toolijooa’s Site Supervisors are the cornerstone of the company's success and are selected for their experience, knowledge, professionalism, excellence and reliability in delivering the highest of standards
at all times. All possess minimum qualifications of Conservation and Land Management (Natural Area Management) Certificate III or equivalent.

Toolijooa’s Bushland Regenerators are qualified with Conservation and Land Management (Natural Area Management) Certificate III or equivalent, or are presently completing this qualification under our trainee scheme.

At Toolijooa we place a strong emphasis on career advancement for all our employees, building skills, knowledge and experience within our staff to facilitate progression to higher levels of responsibility within the company. This, along with our competitive salaries, has led to Toolijooa’s high staff retention rates within an otherwise typically transient industry workforce.

If you are interested in employment with Toolijooa Environmental Restoration go to the Employment section of this website.